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A 55 year old man undergoes a CT abdominal scan with contrast. Following the scan his renal function has progressively deteriorated. What is the MOSTlikely diagnosis ?

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The following statement are all TRUE about vomiting in pregnancy, EXCEPT:

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These are causes of acute stridor except

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Rupture of membranes is suspected with all of the followings EXCEPT:

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Which of the following patients should you prescribe aspirin if there is no contraindication. Select the MOST appropriate

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Which of the underlisted factors has been shown by critical analysis to be the most important influence on the genesis of Surgical Site Infection (SSI)

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The following are contraindications for lumbar puncture except

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In burns:

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A bloody nipple discharge in a 35 year old West African is most likely to be caused by:

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The most effective surgical procedure in stress ulceration is:

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Molding of the fetal head:

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For a 75 year old man with a single rib fracture as the sole injury in a Road Traffic Accident the best treatment is:

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The main tissues which provide support to the uterus include:

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This is not true about autism

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In normal pregnancy, the value of ß-hCG doubles every:

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You are called to see a 67 year old man 30 hours after a major abdominal surgery with oligourea. Investigation shows blood urea 15 mold/l, creatinine 122mmol/l serum potassium 5.1 mold/ l and urinary sodium 10mmol/l (normal is 25 to 250 mom/l) What is the most likely diagnosis?

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All these conditions cause conjugated hyperbilirubinemia in newborns except

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The commonest site for carcinoma of the tongue is the:

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In hypopituitarism all these hormones may be deficient except

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On assessment of Semen Fluid Analysis:

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Regarding missed abortion, all of the following are CORRECT, EXCEPT:

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The following are treatment for simple malaria except

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of normal labour:

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Neuro hormones which are activated in cardiac failure include all EXCEPT:

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The second stage of labour involves:

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The following are causes of spastic paraparesis except;

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The prime cause of a venous leg ulcer is:

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In an acute abdomen a history of frequent copious vomiting, the vomitus being clear initially, then bile-stained and finally brown in colour, is most suggestive of

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A 25 year old man who falls on the outstretched right arm complains of pain around the elbow and it is found that the olecranon is unusually prominent. The line from the midial epicondyle through the tip of the olecranon to the latual epicandgle is angulated. The most likely clinical diagnosis is

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The last menstrual period was June 20th. The expected date of delivery (EDD) is approximately:

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A 16 year old boy from a deprived area of Accra who is undergoing treatment for pulmonary TB reports that his urine has become 'bloody'. Which one of the following is the MOST likely diagnosis?

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The pelvis includes which of the following bones:

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For adequate and stable haemostasis the following should obtain:

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A 27 year old man who is in good health has a persistently raised blood pressure of between 145/92 mmHg and 149/92 both at the poly clinic and in the home for 6 months. What will be the MOST appropriate management ?

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Causes of macrocephaly include the following except

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These are chronic complications associated with sickle cell disease except

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Which of the of the following is a LEAST likely presentations of myocardial infarction ?

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Features found in nephrotic syndrome include the following EXCEPT:

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The thyroid gland in thyrotoxicosis:

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Which of the following is not part of the criteria considered for CURB 65 used to determine the severity of community pneumonia.

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Antenatal booking investigations include all of the following, EXCEPT:

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Regarding Hyperemesis gravidarum, which one of the following items is TRUE?

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In a vertex presentation, the position is determined by the relationship of what fetal part to the Mother's pelvis:

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All these conditions cause hypokalemia in children except

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Which of these discriptions adequately describe malena stools?

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Stroke due involving the right middle cerebral artery pathology in most people usually causes the symptoms and signs below EXCEPT

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Cause of ptosis include the following except

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The risk of postpartum uterine atony is associated with:

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In bronchiolitis, all these are true except

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A 31 year old drug addict who uses intravenous drugs presents to your clinic with a 4 day history fever with temperatures in tween 38.5 and 40 degree Celsius, chills,sweats. headaches progressive weakness, dypsnoea and cough.Examination confirms high fever, pulse rate of 116 beats per minute, newly diagnosed pansystolic murmur. Fine crepitations were heard at the lung bases. The eyes had a lemon yellow tinge and there were macular rash in the palms. What is the MOST likely diagnosis?

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Which of the following anti diabetic drugs increases insulin sensitivity?

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A 55 year old man who has been working for many years blasting stones for building purposes presents with progressive dypsnoea on exertion, dry cough and progressive tiredness. On examination breath sounds were vesicular. There were medium crepitations on inspiration Percussion was resonant in all areas. Chest X ray showed diffuse milliary pattern in the upper lung fields. What is the MOST likely diagnosis?

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This is not a cause of hypoglycaemia in newborns

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The heart rate of a normal fetus at term is:

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Squamous cell carcinoma of the anus:

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About severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

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Adverse effects of corticosteroids include all EXCEPT

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Facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome include the following except

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The features listed below may be associated with migraine headache EXCEPT

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In intestinal obstruction at the sigmoid colon due to stenosis, perforation is most likely to occur in the

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Malignant degeneration of a healing wound is most likely to occur:

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A 20 year old man has a tense, fluctuant, non-tender, ovoid, swelling without a cough impulse in the left groin which moves with traction on the testis. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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Which one of the drugs or measures do not worsen uraemia?

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A 40 year old woman complains of difficulty in swallowing for 3 months. During the interview, it was observed that she has difficulty in speaking after a few sentences. She also has drooping of the eyelids. She is most likely suffering from:

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The most common route of primary infection with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is:

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Which of these pairs does not match with regards to neurocutaneous disorders.

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The management of retroexposed babies include

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An ectopic pregnancy:

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The following are associated with oral candidiasis except;

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A child of four presents with shortness of breath on exertion, dyspnoea after meals and failure to thrive. On examination cyanosis is evident soon after exertion and the (L) side of the chest is tympanitic. Plain x-ray of the chest shows a cystic shadow in the left hemithorax. The most likely diagnosis is:

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Stages of labour

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The source of progesterone that maintains the pregnancy during early 1st trimester is:

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Neonatal resuscitation

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Cause of neonatal seizures include the following except

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A71 year old man present with rapidly developing fever, cough productive of rust-clouded sputum which grew gram positive diplococci. His chest X-ray show lobar consolidation. He responds to treatment with amoxicillin . Which is the MOST likely organism for her infection?

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Twenty-four hours after partial gastrectomy, a 50 year old man has passed only 200mls of urine; catherization yield a further 100m of urine. Your provisional diagnosis is:

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Concerning febrile seizures

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The relationship of the long axis of the fetus to the long axis of the mother is called:

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A man of 40 complains of epigastric discomfort, progressive weight loss, anorexia malaise and intermittent pyrexia of 6 weeks duration. He looks ill, anaemic but not jaundiced and has a tender palpable liver; free fluid is detectable in the abdomen. The most likely clinical diagnosis is

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These are gross motor skills except

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