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Highly active antiretroviral therapy should be offered to

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Cerebrospinal fluid findings in acute bacterial meningitis

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In burns:

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A bloody nipple discharge in a 35 year old West African is most likely to be caused by:

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Which of the following clotting factors are not increased in pregnancy?

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A positive result for blood on urine dipstick testing may be indicative of

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The labia majora are homologous with which of the following male structures?

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Normal foetal blood volume is approximately

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A medical treatment has a success rate of 0.7. Two patients will be treated with this treatment. Assuming the results are independent for the two patients, what is the probability that neither one of them will be successfully cured:

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The most common type of myoma degeneration is

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Which of the following is recommended for the management of acute chest syndrome in a 10-year-old child with sickle cell disease

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Which of the following immunological factors provides protection against enteric infections when ingested in the colostrum?

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Hazardous emissions from a poorly maintained hospital incinerator has been linked with cancer. Which of the following is a most likely source:

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Concerning irritable bowel syndrome:

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A 25-year-old man arrives to the emergency room with knife stab injury to the chest. You notice the trachea is shifted to the side away from the wounded side. The most likely lung finding on physical examination will be:

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Which of the following is least likely to result in a patient with placenta praevia?

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What hormone is responsible for maintenance of the corpus luteum if the implantation of the fertilized ovum takes place?

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For adequate and stable haemostasis the following should obtain:

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Twenty-four hours after partial gastrectomy, a 50 year old man has passed only 200mls of urine; catherization yield a further 100m of urine. Your provisional diagnosis is:

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The umbilical cord usually falls off after

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Prolactin is produced by the

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A man of 40 complains of epigastric discomfort, progressive weight loss, anorexia malaise and intermittent pyrexia of 6 weeks duration. He looks ill, anaemic but not jaundiced and has a tender palpable liver; free fluid is detectable in the abdomen. The most likely clinical diagnosis is

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A 20 year old man has a tense, fluctuant, non-tender, ovoid, swelling without a cough impulse in the left groin which moves with traction on the testis. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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The transformation zone of the cervix is

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Ivermectin, the drug used in the treatment of onchocerciasis should not be given to the following groups of people except:

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Squamous cell carcinoma of the anus:

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A 63-year-old man who is a known hypertensive is seen in the emergency room with an episode of left sided weakness and slurred speech. On further question he admits to having had a similar episode in the last month with sudden monocular impairment of vision. His physical examination is normal. Which of the following will be the most appropriate next diagnostic test?

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In communicable disease transmission, successful transmission of the disease requires that:

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Regarding bronchiolitis

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Diabetes mellitus;

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For a 75 year old man with a single rib fracture as the sole injury in a Road Traffic Accident the best treatment is:

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The commonest site for carcinoma of the tongue is the:

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A child of four presents with shortness of breath on exertion, dyspnoea after meals and failure to thrive. On examination cyanosis is evident soon after exertion and the (L) side of the chest is tympanitic. Plain x-ray of the chest shows a cystic shadow in the left hemithorax. The most likely diagnosis is:

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The five pillars of health promotion aimed to facilitate and enhance ability of individual to be responsible for their health include:

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Maternal mortality exerts a toll on families in Ghana. Indirect causes of maternal mortality do not include:

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In Ghana, the Community based Health Planning Services (CHPS) is geared towards achieving Universal Health Coverage. The type of workers at the level A (CHPS compound) will not include:

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Characteristics of caput succedaneum include all the following except

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Regarding population pyramids as used in demography, which of these statements is not true:

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The ultimate treatment for preeclampsia is

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Health hazards associated with solid waste management at a landfill at outside an urban settlement will include all these but not:

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Oral contraceptives

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A definitive diagnosis of sickle cell disease can be made

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Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine

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A Gambian farmer who works in the periphery of a forest zone was diagnosed with Yellow Fever during a recent clinic visit. The vector responsible for transmission of the disease was most likely:

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Dysmenorrhoea is most likely due to

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A 40 year old woman complains of difficulty in swallowing for 3 months. During the interview, it was observed that she has difficulty in speaking after a few sentences. She also has drooping of the eyelids. She is most likely suffering from:

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A 70-year-old man presents with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease presents with shortness of breath and cough of copious amounts of yellowish colored sputum. His prescribed rescue medications do not offer him relief. On physical examination he is afebrile in respiratory distress using his accessory muscles of respiration. He has a respiratory rate of 40/min, heart rate of 110bpm and BP of 150/85mmHg. Chest examination shows diffuse inspiratory and expiratory wheeze. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis:

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When examining a woman at term, hearing foetal heart tones loudest above the umbilicus suggests

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Which of the following is not a Vitamin K dependent clotting factor

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Which of the following is true regarding autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease?

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Planning is one of the basic functions of a clinician. In planning, the external environment may refer to:

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The most common route of primary infection with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is:

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A district hospital offered the under-listed as extrinsic motivation to the best performing staff annually. The exception in the list presented for the awards would be:

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Chocolate cysts of the ovary are most probably

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The prime cause of a venous leg ulcer is:

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The thyroid gland in thyrotoxicosis:

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An NGO wishes to provide a well as a drinking water source for residents in a remote community. The community uses a public latrine. You will advise that the well should have a recommended distance from the latrine which is:

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A child with untreated Tetralogy of Fallot

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Hand signs;

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In upper motor neuron lesions rather than lower motor neuron lesion this finding is an expected;

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Concerning the history of health financing in Ghana, one of the following is not true:

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Which of the following are long term complication of a renal transplant:

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F-100 therapeutic milk product for the treatment of malnutrition

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Which of the following is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern

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In analysing the findings from a study conducted in the health facility, the following will yield continuous data except:

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Absorption of iron contained in some prenatal tablets is inhibited by

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Sampling is important in basic research. In sampling, two important considerations about the sample are that:

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Common behavioural and emotional problems of adolescents in our communities do not include:

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The differential diagnosis of dysentery includes:

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In evaluating the elderly it is important to note:

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Malignant degeneration of a healing wound is most likely to occur:

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Pulmonary embolism

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At birth, the normal heart rate is

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A 50-year-old chronic kidney disease patient presents to the outpatient clinic with fatigue, palpitations and anorexia. Physical examinations reveals moderate pallor and hemoglobin is found to be 6.6 gm/dl. Which of the following are likely contributors to the anaemia:

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The most effective surgical procedure in stress ulceration is:

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In intestinal obstruction at the sigmoid colon due to stenosis, perforation is most likely to occur in the

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Which of the underlisted factors has been shown by critical analysis to be the most important influence on the genesis of Surgical Site Infection (SSI)

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Positive signs of pregnancy include

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In endometriosis the moiety that bleeds is the

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Cerebral malaria is defined by

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Typical pathogen in a child with hyposplenism

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A 22 year old male recovering from acute kidney injury develops polyuria. What are the electrolyte problems he is likely to encounter?

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A 25 year old man who falls on the outstretched right arm complains of pain around the elbow and it is found that the olecranon is unusually prominent. The line from the midial epicondyle through the tip of the olecranon to the latual epicandgle is angulated. The most likely clinical diagnosis is

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In an acute abdomen a history of frequent copious vomiting, the vomitus being clear initially, then bile-stained and finally brown in colour, is most suggestive of

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The most common sign or symptom of ectopic pregnancy is

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A woman who has one abortion and no other pregnancies is a

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Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia would result from

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Health education differs from health promotion in public health practice, in the following respect:

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Iron deficiency may cause the following abnormalities on a blood smear

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Compared to cow's milk, human breast milk contains more

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Absorption of Vitamin B12 occurs primarily in the

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Degraded housing is often associated with infestation by rodents. One of these is not a health outcome of rodent infestation:

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Microscopic haematuria is an expected finding in:

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Safe motherhood is symbolized by a table with four legs. The legs represent the following except:

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At what stage of implantation does the conceptus implant?

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Which of the following statements about oedema of renal origin are correct:

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A 63-year-old man who is a known hypertensive is seen in the emergency room with an episode of left sided weakness and slurred speech. On further question he admits to having had a similar episode in the last month with sudden monocular impairment of vision. His physical examination is normal. The episodes of visual loss are most likely due to

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In management of Panic Disorder:

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